#67 Gifts with N1 City Mall and The Carel du Toit Trust

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We know this Mandela Day is different, but you can still make a difference! Why not participate in #67Gifts with The Carel du Toit Trust this Mandela Day and stand a chance to win a voucher worth R2000 compliments of N1 City Mall. The winner will be announced and notified on the 6th of August 2021.


Click on this link: Giving with The Carel du Toit Trust

What’s it all about?

The Mandela Day #67Gifts Campaign invites you to make a donation to support the children at the Centre, where every year hundreds of deaf children learn to hear and talk. Your donation, however small, will make a difference. In South Africa, an average of 6 116 babies a year (17 babies every day) are born with a hearing loss. Owing to the lack of sufficient infant screening programmes in South Africa, hearing loss often goes undetected. The consequences of, and costs associated with, undetected hearing loss are pervasive and far-reaching, especially when it comes to language development. At Carel du Toit Centre children born deaf are taught to hear and speak with the support of hearing technology and the Carel du Toit methodology. The work of the Centre enables children who are deaf to integrate into a hearing society. 60% of the children at Carel du Toit Centre come from low to no income households.

R67: A sleeve of 10 hearing aid batteries
R670: Bilateral ear moulds
R6700: Monthly fuel for a school bus
R67 000 – Water and Electricity for six months
R670 000: Expansion of the aftercare

All donations to the Carel du Toit Trust are tax deductible in South Africa.
The Carel du Toit Centre was established in 1973 and is supported by the Carel du Toit Trust, a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in 1988, which works to realize our vision of a world where children who are deaf have universal access to early identification, appropriate hearing technology, audiological support, speech and occupational therapy and social services, with the outcome of functional spoken language.