Matric Dance Shopping at N1 City Mall

Matric Dance Shopping at N1 City Mall

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Yes - it's nearing the big day. You're envisioning glittery shoes, the perfect dress and dazzling jewellery to match. You have to decide between the fifty shades of lipsticks that you've seen online, and you have to get those nails in shape. Or, you're still needing to find the right polish for those shoes, or a tie... the list is endless. Luckily, N1 City Mall has the best stores to help prepare you for your matric dance.

Let's break it down a little. Shoes can be tricky, but N1 City has so many shoe and fashion stores that you're bound to find the perfect fit. Try checking Shoe City, CottonOn and Shoerama- they're jam-packed with stylish shoes, with the most pleasing prices. You'll feel like Cinderella in her glass slippers!

As Coco Chanel wisely said, a girl in lipstick can change the world- so making sure you choose the right shade is vital. Clicks have affordable and quality makeup brands with all shades under the rainbow of lipsticks, eyeshadows and more.

Accessories make an outfit, and Sterns has got all your sparkling needs catered for. Not only do Sterns offer the most gorgeous pieces of jewellery (from earrings to watches), but they have affordable prices and helpful staff! Be sure to check the gorgeous range of slightly more pocket-friendly accessories at CottonOn or The Fix, who offer trendy and blingy accessories for any occasion.

You must smell like a dream, and that is why perfume and cologne are crucial. Find your signature scent at Perfume Garden. Whether you want sweet, spicey or something in between- they definitely have a scent that'll match your personality- and outfit.

Salon Jean Paul, Perfect 10 and Glamour Hair Design are definitely your go-to salon for all things hair. Whether you need a trial on a hairstyle or need some information on a hair product, they will help guide you into making the best choice.

Ah yes, a snazzy and trendy tie really ties a suit together, pardon the pun. Have a look at Edgars for a range of different colours, styles and patterns that catch your eye.

Red, yellow or nude nails? Signature Cosmetics has loads of colours, shades, glossy or matte- you're going to find it tough to choose just one, especially with their affordable prices that'll keep you wanting more, more, more.

With all the little necessities sorted out at a mall you can trust, we hope you enjoy your night and feel like gold.

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