Spring clean to amke room for shopping at N1 City Mall, Cape Town!

Hello, September!

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‘Hey hey hey, say do you remember …dancing in September …. never was a cloudy day…’
September lyrics © by Earth, Wind & Fire 1978

The year 2018 is already in the ninth month and it's time to celebrate a new season. Before we start dancing to celebrate warmer, less cloudy days and before the mad rush of ‘silly season’ is in full swing – let’s pause for a moment and Spring Clean!

Spring cleaning is not only applicable to your house with a deep clean for your kitchen, or simply the repacking of your cupboards - it is also a time to declutter your life and add a few refreshing touches for your mind and body.

Our five top tips to refresh your home, and life:

  1. AIR IT – open the windows, let some fresh air into your room or your car. And for yourself - take a few extra deep breaths before you tackle your next big task. Close your eyes and take a few deep inhales to relax and slowly exhale after each one. Slow, controlled breaths are naturally calming.
  2. Clean the INSIDE & OUTSIDE of your cupboards in the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. This is an ideal time to reorganise and donate unused or extra items, or those jeans that you still hope to fit into, to someone less fortunate.
  3. Treat yourself to something NEW & BRIGHT, it could be small accessories from Bling, K Bell or Frozen Lemons, a brand-new lip or nail colour from Clicks and Signature Cosmetics or brand-new linen for your bedroom from @Home, Mr Price Home, Sheet Street or PEP Home. Update your winter scent to a light and fresh fragrance for Spring – think floral like lily and rose notes. The experts at Fragrance Boutique or The Perfume Garden will guide you to find the best-suited option for you.
  4. DEEP CLEANSE – your skin, hair and body. Pamper yourself with a moisturising face mask, apply a deep conditioning treatment for your hair and exfoliate with a gentle body scrub to get rid of dead skin cells, and leaving you feeling soft and smooth. You’ll find everything you need at Pharmacy City, The Hair Shop, Hair Channel and Salon Jean-Paul (who also stock hair care and facial products for men).
  5. REWARD YOURSELF! Enjoy a Springtime treat from Marcel's Frozen Yoghurt or Milky Lane


Some September Fast Facts:

  • September's birthstone is the beautiful blue sapphire.
  • In flowers, September is represented by Morning Glory or Asters, symbolising daintiness, love, and magic.
  • The zodiac signs for the month of September are Virgo and Libra.
  • The surname September can be traced back to 1835 and according to http://www.name-statistics.org/za there are approximately 15,028 South Africans that have this surname.

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